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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Silat Minangkabau Silek Tuo

Silek Tuo/Silat Minangkabau it is one of the oldest silat styles and the original kinematics is still intact. Silat Minangkabau is a martial art which is owned by the people of Minangkabau , West Sumatra , Indonesia which is inherited from generation to generation. Minangkabau society has a nature like to wander since hundreds of years ago. To migrate course they should have enough stock to protect themselves from the worst things during the trip or at the shoreline, such as being attacked or robbed. In addition to the preparation to go abroad, it is important to defense Silek village , against external threats.

Video Silat Minangkabau

The form and nature of his movement:
resembles a tiger is like nature, hard, attacking without patience
act immediately pounce. rely on hand strength.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

How To Wear Sampin

Sampin, sometimes referred to as "samping". "Samping" is from the word "sampingan" meaning an "accompaniment" or "accessory", of the dress or attire.

Sampin is the cloth worn on the belly area covering the stomach up to the knees or slightly below the knees, or the mid-area of the body. Sampin is to wear with baju melayu, a traditional attire for malay men.

Although most of them are stitched and closed like a sarong, there are some men who prefer to wear one that is left unstitched at both ends of the cloth, and this cloth is called sarong lepas or as samping kain punca potong.

Usually, kain samping is about half the size of a normal sarong. It's worn over the trouser of a baju kurung. There are many variations to wear the kain samping but the basic technique is the easiest!

How to wear a Sampin for Silat

Step into the centre of the circular shaped sampin and pull the sampin up to waist level.

Bring the Left end of the sampin to centre to make a fold.

Bring the Right end of the sampin to centre to make a fold.

Apply more strength to adjust the tightness and fold the centre of the sampin inwards.

Video How To Wear Sampin

Video How To Wear Sampin

Sampin can also be used as a weapon

Sarong techniques

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