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Monday, November 25, 2013

Seven basic attack in silat


In martial arts, attack technique is based on the ideology of each the styles of martial art. Like the Taekwondo, the concept is "the art of the feet and the hands" or "the art of kicking and punching" and "the way of the foot and the hand." That is why they use a lot of punches and kicks. In silat, to be a worthy and strong Silat fighter, either in the arena or on the street, there are seven self defense moves that really should be mastered. To fully master the techniques, you will probably have to train every day and if you have a unique personality or behavior, you may find that your fighting skills will need to be developed in a unique way, in order to make you the most efficient warrior possible.

Silat’s seven essential fighting techniques are:

Silat Gayung Fatani Malaysia
Silat Gayung Fatani Malaysia

Your opponent can be killed instantly if you employ either the uppercut or the straight punch effectively. You can develop your skill and strength with your punches by practicing grip exercises and push ups.

Silat Olahraga
Silat Olahraga

In Silat, the focus is on targeting your kicks rather than trying to get them as high as possible, and training with a punching bag or kicking target can be an excellent way to perfect your kicks. The most effective kick is the front kick, because the power is targeted directly to your opponent.

Silat Gayong Malaysia
Silat Gayong Malaysia

Many other fighting techniques including kick boxing have copied the elbow strike form Silat, and the technique is often used in an attempt to confuse tour opponent.

Silat Gayong Pusaka
Silat Gayong Pusaka

This technique can be employed to topple down an enemy, and Silat is one of the few martial arts fighting techniques that uses the sweeping movement. Your enemy can fall into a coma from being on the receiving end of a sweep, if they land the wrong way.

Silat Cekak
Silat Cekak

Catching often follows a strike or topple, and when used effectively it can catch your enemy off guard.

Silat Lincah Malaysia
Silat Lincah Malaysia

Whether or not you have a weapon with you when you are fighting, the locking movement is one of the techniques that can actually break the bones of your opponent.

Silat Sendeng Malaysia
Silat Sendeng Malaysia

Counter Attack 
If your opponent catches your strike with either a leg or a hand, you can employ a counter attack also known as a polong. A martial arts technique that focuses on locking and catching should use the counter attack technique and this is a great strategy to employ if your opponent is not seriously dead or injured.

The fighting techniques described above should not be used unless you are highly trained and skilled and are in a very real and serious situation, as they are all very powerful and effective and can easily kill a man. The best Silat exponent is one who has a good heart, and you should keep in mind that these techniques are for self defense only and should be taken seriously.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Silat veteran sets up MMA association in Singapore

Former silat world champion Sheik Alauddin has set up the Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Singapore. He said such an organisation can help to create a framework of common standards and rules to govern the growing sport.

SINGAPORE: The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has seen rapid growth in Singapore in recent years, with at least three organisers set to hold major events here in the coming months.

Former silat world champion Sheik Alauddin has set up the Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Singapore.

He said such an organisation can help to create a framework of common standards and rules to govern the growing sport, even though it is not yet recognised as an official national sports association by the Singapore Sports Council.

The sport of MMA continues to draw fans among Singaporeans -- home-grown fight organiser ONE FC and top international promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championships, are set to hold more events here in the years ahead.

The lure of prize money and a career as a professional fighter has also drawn more Singaporeans to take up the sport. However, this means a regulatory framework to guide the new sport is fast becoming a necessity.

Sheik Alauddin is a veteran martial artist, having represented Singapore in silat and won world championships. He believes his month-old Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Singapore can help to guide the development of the sport, especially for amateurs.

"There are a lot of mixed martial arts clubs, individuals who train and set up mixed martial arts (clubs) in Singapore. And I think there is a need to come in and give them the support in terms of the organising of events, regulating whatever they have been doing and looking at the sports safety," he said.

Doping is another area of focus for the federation. The federation plans to further build up its expertise and work with more partners as it establishes itself in the Singapore MMA scene.

The federation will also seek to play a role in youth development and the grooming of local talent.

The sport has already drawn young exponents from traditional disciplines such as silat, with the opportunity to turn pro and make a living as a fighter. Grasio Club, an affiliate of the Singapore Silat Federation, have already attracted some 30 members.

Mohammad Shahlan, an MMA exponent, said: "(It is) good to give Singaporeans an opportunity to get into the growing MMA sport because I believe that MMA is a very fast-growing sport."

The federation is also considering organising amateur tournaments in future to provide more opportunities for upcoming fighters.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silat can improve mental health

TRADITIONAL silat in this day and age is used for improving mental health, general fitness and unity, said the co-chairman of the Traditional Silat Competition for Mukims in Brunei-Muara, November 4, 2013.

The art of silat was a requirement for self-defence, said Pg Hj Ali Pg Maon, in his opening remarks during the start of a district level silat competition among Brunei-Muara mukims.

“However, today, silat is also introduced as a sport, and is also used for fitness, physical and mental health, and unit,” said Pg Hj Ali, who is also the Penghulu of Mukim Berakas ‘B’.

Pg Hj Ali said that the competition is divided into eight categories, namely Cakak Open, Open Kuntau, Cakak for Veterans aged 45 and above, and Kuntau for veterans aged 45 and above, in both male and female categories.

The contestants - eight male and one female - will be representing their respective mukim.

Pg Hj Ali said that the winners will represent Brunei-Muara District for the national level competition, which will be held at a later date.

“Although we did not reach the target of inviting as many silat practitioners in Brunei-Muara District, we still hope that together we can produce high quality and excellent silat practitioners, not only within the country but also at a regional and international levels,” he said.

The Brunei-Muara District Officer, Hj Jamain Momin declared the competition open yesterday, and the resolution of some of the opening matches. -The Brunei Times

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pukulan Combat

It didn't mean much to me when I first heard the words, ‘My body is my weapon”. After all, you could apply that claim to whichever martial art you might be learning. It wasn't until years later that I clearly understood the difference between what one could say about various arts. and what what we do.

You see the human body is composed of a variety of organs covered by the skin, and these represent a universe of 'soft' and 'hard' areas. Some areas teem with energy drainage spots or are crowded with nerves and muscles, others are vulnerable joints. Yet others look outwardly similar but are armour plated weapons!
The real secret of using your body like a weapon lies in lining up your amour plated parts against the opponents soft more vulnerable areas.When this is accomplished the opponent is hurt no matter what they do!

When this happens a 115 pound woman can drop a 250 pound man and no one can figure it out: This is our goal and we attain it through a unique delivery system. The body learns to move in an undulating unfathomable manner brought to life by the 'Bunga'. which unites spirit with movement. This means the Silat artist actually becomes so physically and mentally attuned to the opponent that it is not even necessary to look at them! Pukulan Silat is based can eleven physical principles which build and train the body. These are:
1. Principle of Penetration
2. Principle of Continuous Blow with Camouflage
3. Principle of Adhesion
4. Principle of Bamboo - Whip and Ricochet Hitting
5. Principle of Off-Timing - Mental, Visual and Auditory
6. Principle of Compacting - Thunderbolt strikes and Poison Hand blows
7. Principle of the Thorn
8. Principle of Decoying (Includes Indirect Hitting)
9. Principle of Destruction:
10. Principle of Body Armour
11. Principle of Hit Trapping

Penetration has more than one dimension. It includes the ability to close range and penetrate the opponent's defenses while negating their counters. Once in range, penetration involves various ways of intercepting incoming blows with blows of your own, and going through the aforementioned energy points muscles nerves and joints.

One of the major differences between our art ,and many others is that we do not block anything! Everything that comes into our range is struck! Punches can be struck aggressively by flanking and perhaps with a powerful forearm smash. Alternatively we may be more passive and guide the incoming blow into a more powerful destructive force – like the tip of the elbow. Kicks can be hit straight on with another kick, stopping them before they even start. Or we hit them at an angle. using penetrating toe points or heel kicks.

Head butts, points on the shoulder, and hip are other weapons to use when the opportunity arises. In many ways it's like the old paper, rock, scissors game.

Remember always to line up your superior body parts with the incoming weaker ones. Flank (if this is not possible) and quickly counter with the correct weapon.

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