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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Traditional and Modern Kerambit

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Kerambit is a weapon and is the symbol of this silat style. Kerambit also referred to as karambit, karambik or korambit. In Malaysia, it is known as "lawi ayam" or "kuku ayam". While in Indonesia, it is called "kuku macan". Kerambit size is between 5 centimeters to 10 centimeters

In silat, karambit is one of the skills taught. The lesson begins with basic movements. Then he continued with the method of attack on specific targets. Next, students will learn techniques to counter and the counter-attack an enemy that uses karambit.

 Kerambit Silat

 Kerambit Silat

Kerambit Silat

Karambit very suitable as a defensive weapon. The origin of this unusual blade can be traced back to the early Eleventh Century. The people of Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines used the Kerambit as a basic, multi-function and utility blade. The Karambit was "officially" introduced to the United States sometime in the late 1950's and made popular, especially with martial artists, through the late 1970's and 1980's.

The Karambit is a blade with a pronounced curve, and is usually double edged. It is designed to be held in an inverted grip. The Karambit possesses a hole at the pommel through which the index finger is placed, thus providing for an extremely secure grip. Because of this design feature this blade is very difficult to disarm.

The Karambit blade can be used to hook and pin a limb, utilizing both leverage and the pain compliance response. People tend to have a natural aversion to being cut. They will generally attempt to move their flesh away from a blade. While the Karambit can be used to actuate pressure points, in some respects, like all blades, it causes any tissue it connects with to react with the pressure point-like pain compliance response.

The Karambit is an excellent weapon for fighting at transitional distances. It can easily be used at long, mid and close range. While effective at all ranges, it is at its best at close range. It is fast, hard to see, hard to track and almost impossible to disarm. Once a Karambit wielder has bridged the gap between himself and his opponent, it becomes very easy to end the confrontation with a vast selection of techniques of varying degrees of damage to the opponent.

The Kerambit as a Modern Utility Knife

Although of ancient origin, only recently has the Kerambit found growing popularity as a martial arts/ defensive weapon in America and Europe. Guro Ray Dionaldo, Founder of FCS(Filipino Combat Systems) is one of the leading proponents of the Kerambit. Guro Ray has incorporated this weapons versatility into his system and has demonstrated the effectiveness and practicality of the Kerambit as a defensive weapon.

In modern times, this utility tool still performs the same functions as its distant ancestor for such daily chores as opening packages, cutting rope, leather work, home repair, yard work, etc., and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, construction work (shaping carpet, drywall and other building materials), mountaineering, hiking, etc., and is additionally recognized as a training tool for interested martial artists for its personal-safety value.

The modern Kerambit, its design and practical operation were developed by renowned Kerambit authority Steve Tarani as a result of the demands of his many students. Specifically designed for the rigors of modern application, this versatile utility knife and personal-safety tool is a remarkable combination of ancient marvel and modern technology.

The modern Kerambit is available in many shapes and sizes. More importantly, the method of operation of a Kerambit as both a utility knife and as a personal-safety tool are what set it head and shoulders above any other edged tool. The modern Kerambit functions as three tools in one - a utility knife, a martial-arts training implement and an option for personal defense.

As a utility knife it is superior to other blades as a result of a remarkable safety feature - a finger loop which prevents the blade from slipping in your hand when in use. This significantly drops the number of "cut yourself" injuries, as the blade is secured to your finger just like a pair of scissors in order that it does not slip and cut your hand. This especially comes in handy when it's freezing cold outside or if you're underwater, in the rain, in the snow or all of the above!

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