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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Martial Arts of Silat SETIABAKTI

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Dahlan KARIM
Founder and Principal Teacher
Penguruan Seni Silat Setiabakti

SetiaBakti was registered in 1994. The subjects taught are Silat Seni, Silat Silat Martial Art and Sports. Art and Buah Pukul Technique selected from the best method of martial learned. Taught easily understood and practiced. SHORT technique easy to learn AND EFFECTIVE. To date has trained over 700 students.

HISTORY of SETIABAKTI martial arts teaching

Originally named as Malay Silat by the late Tok Guru Mat Valley. As his well known by people in martial skills and the apparent bathin a household name in Kampong Selandar, Malacca and the surrounding villages, the village, it has attracted the attention of Mr. Guru Ali Rani for lessons with Tok Guru Mat Valley.

After several years of Mr. Ali Rani Teachers learn Malay Silat finally he was appointed as a teacher to develop this martial. He has developed this martial among the sons of the fruit and those around Selandar village. Due to service about Tok Guru Mat Kelang, Pak Guru Ali Rani was named by the name of martial arts they teach Silat Mat Valley.

In 1970, Guru Dahlan Karim had learned Mat Kelang Silat from the Pak Guru Mat Ali Rani and diijazahkan as a teacher in 1982. Together with Pak Teachers' Ali Rani, Teacher Dahlan Karim and partners have agreed to name the martial Mat Kelang Silat as Seni Silat Setiabakti name at the end of 1982.

In 1994, the Association of Art Silat Setiabakti have registered and been approved by the Registrar of Societies. Now, after learning about the ten of Malay martial, Guru Dahlan Karim has developed Teaching Art Silat Setiabakti to several states in Malaysia and overseas.

Teaching art and techniques of Silat Seni Setiabakti is SIMPLE, EASY to learn and EFFECTIVE. Blow the art and techniques of fruit were selected from the best of martial rule has been learned by Guru Dahlan Karim

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