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Saturday, August 26, 2017

SEA Games: Silat exponent Shakir Juanda draws strength from being a family man

KUALA LUMPUR: In just a month from now, Singapore’s Class I silat exponent Shakir Juanda will welcome another son into his life and become a father of two.

While silat is Shakir’s focus during the on-going 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia, his family's well-being back home is never far from his mind.

On the sidelines of the SEA Games silat competition on Friday (Aug 25), which saw Singapore win silver in the women's Artistic Doubles, the silat world champion opened up about balancing sports and being a proud dad.

“I think life will still somewhat be the same, as you need to know your priorities and have good time management,” he said. “During the day I will finish all my training and stuff and at night I have to spend more time with my family."

On how he manages to juggle being a family man and a world-level athlete, Shakir said he has to sacrifice some rest time to be there for his family, so that "they know they can count on me for support".

According to Shakir, it is the joys of parenthood which changes his perspective in life these days.

“Fatherhood can be quite difficult, as you have to wake up in the early mornings while you’re still physically tired after hard training, and still have to do my fatherly duties like bathing and changing nappies,” he said.“All this is a very amazing experience that you can’t really describe and put in words."

Shakir added: "It’s your responsibility, you know you have to do it but at the same time, you know you’ll miss it when your kid grows up. It’s something all fathers must experience to know first-hand."

It was the thought of fighting for his family which spurred Shakir to another level and seal the win at the 2016 World Championship.

“During the bouts itself, it’s only you and your opponent. You’re always thinking positively about yourself, so that you won’t have a breakdown in the ring,” he said.

“But in the end, you really need that extra power within you - and that’s when my family comes to my mind, together with all the training I’ve done.”

He added: “At that moment, it all comes together in a flashback and it gives me a second wind. When you’re really tired and sometimes losing, you need that extra juice and so that’s where they come in to the picture, in my mind, to motivate me to success."

Recalling what went through his mind during the world championship final, Shakir said: “I think it was when I had a minute left and I was in my corner.

"One of my coaches came in, and he advised me not on tactics, but rather on emotions. He told me: ‘Think of your family, think of your son!’”

“The emotional part of me then took over, and it brought me the extra edge I needed to win my fight and get the world title.”

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Silat Vietnam strives to overcome difficulties ahead of SEA Games 29

A series of strengths are eliminated by the host country, lack of competition rubbing ... pencak silat team are doing their best to protect the three gold medal achievements in the upcoming SEA Games.

Silat Việt Nam nỗ lực vượt khó trước thềm SEA Games 29

Pencak Silat Vietnam actively practices on the threshold of the SEA Games 29 In the context of some major injuries, recruiting Pencak Silat Vietnam is still very hard training in the final focus before the competition at SEA Games 29

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Brunei vow to make their mark in pencak silat

BRUNEI Darussalam pencak silat representatives will be hoping the support of the country can inspire them to recognise success ahead of the 29th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games at the KLCC Hall 2 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this month.

The pencak silat exponents have been busy training since the start of the year and the highlight of their intensive preparations was the pre-SEA Games competitions last March.

Brunei will take part in the individual events with Muhd Imanuddin bin Ahmad taking part in the Tunggal L category while Norleyermah binti Haji Raya in the women tunggal category.

“The preparations for Brunei Darussalam in regional competitions and in particular at the upcoming SEA Games in Malaysia commenced since the start of the year and our training has been neat,” said one of the coaches in an interview with the Bulletin recently.

“Once the training is complete, we will be ready to take part in the SEA Games,” he said.

The individuals representing the country have been exposed in regional tournaments to boost their confidence and gain much-needed experience at this level in the pre-SEA Games competition which is organised by the host nation.

“Alhamdulillah, our participation there was quite encouraging in terms of competition and they could provide competition in the international stage. They could also provide competition to other countries.

“We have prepared the athletes in undertaking the intensive training and hopefully we can provide stiff competition.

“We also hope that the people in Brunei will pray for us and hopefully we could go far and win a medal in any colour to uplift the image of the country,” continued the coach.

The pencak silat exponents have been attending training through various phases including physical fitness as well as tests at the Sports Medicine and Research Centre (SMRC).

The coach said the hosts will pose a great challenge for Brunei’s hopes adding that they have also attended training in other countries.

He added that young athletes have also undergone training to take part in other regional competitions for instance the SUKMA Games in 2018.

The future looks bright in the sport with a conveyor belt of young athletes who have been prepared since two years ago to represent the country.

“The athletes in the academy have been prepared as part of a four-year preparation period for the 2019 SEA Games,” the coach said.

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