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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tekpi Martial Arts Weapon

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Malay nation's wealth of cultural treasures can not be separated from the influence of foreign cultures that can fit with the culture in Malaysia , one of the contributions of these cultures is Tekpi. Tekpi is a weapon that is widely known in the Malay martial art but is not a real weapon of Malay culture. Because that's actually very difficult to find tekpi in Malay heritage museum.

This weapon sai weapon similar to the Japanese culture. These weapons allegedly developed by Chinese settlers hundreds of years ago. Own characteristics different from most typical Malay weapon.

Tekpi most likely derived from the Chinese region, but the fighters Malay in Malaysia, Indonesia, and adept at using tekpi archipelago whose use is different from the sai in karate. In the Chinese martial art of self tekpi almost was not found. Tekpi also not found in the numbers Wushu. Chinese martial arts film also never displays tekpi or sai.

Tekpi is a weapon that is widely used in many Malay silat martial arts match. For example whacky positioning Malaysia as a weapon tekpi second choice after the kris, or Kuntau Tekpi using tekpi as the main weapon.


Silat type kuntau almost similar to the movements hard and effectively in Kuntao China (China). This is a natural thing due to the influence of Chinese civilization is very large in Southeast Asia.

The middle of the hilt is sharpely curved in line with the blade. The head is shaped like a fly and is used for punching. The two forks that falls on both left and right pointing straight down and with it ends pointing slidely out, is used to obstruct other weapons. The main function of the Tekpi is for defence against attacks by sharp weapon. The Malay community was named the center as batangtekpi while the left and right arm as sampir. Upstream end (kit form) known as matalalat or bungalawang. tekpi length is 15 inches by 20 inches.

Malay Silat in the world, there are many martial arts organizations to use weapons tekpi. Among the Lian Padukan, Gayong, Kuntau, Silat Melayu Asli Sejati,  etc.

Basic Tekpi

Basic Training Tekpi 1

Basic Training Tekpi 2


Counterattack Tekpi 1

Counterattack Tekpi 2

Counterattack Tekpi 3

Counterattack Tekpi 4

Counterattack Tekpi 5

Counterattack Tekpi 6

 Counterattack Tekpi 7

CAUTION! Training without the guidance of the master will cause injury or death, then seek the true master

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