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Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 Self Defense Lessons From a Street Fight

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After enrolling in a martial arts class it was inevitable for me to ask my teacher about self defense and how I could apply what I've learned into an actual street fight.

Surprisingly some of the advice I got from my teacher about handling a street fight were pretty straight forward. So straight forward that 90% of people aren't even aware of these basic principles.

7. Your objective is to survive
It's not about who can do the best roundhouse kick or the best cradle kick. It's about surviving a potential life threatening situation. It's about how you get in a few quick hits and get out. You never know if the person you are up against either has a hidden firearm or if backup is coming soon. You don't have time to find out. Your only concern is you immediate survival and getting yourself to safety.

6. Know your limits
You are not Bruce lee. You are not invincible. You are only one man. Therefor taking on 5 opponents is just stupid. Being able to take on multiple opponents only happens in movies. It's neither advisable to risk your life to save a few dollars, when the attacker has a gun pointed at you. Know your limits. Give whatever the attack might require if he holds a weapon or has backup.

5. Stay Calm and collected
When in the heat of the battle; it's easy to let everything go and lose your common sense, that is when you can risk everything fall apart for you. By all means remain calm and keep your head cool. Only then can you see the bigger picture and more likely get out of the situation alive. Try and look for an exit when possible. You can't do that while your punching away in rage infused fury.

4. There are no rules in the jungle
That means play dirty. Aim for the eyes, the crotch, find a weapon, do anything in your power to secure your own survival. This is not about pretty moves and cool kicks. This is about who can get out with the least amount of damage and wake up the next day. Because you will be hit. This is a street fight. This is not a regulated sporting event. This is man vs man. No rules.

3. Hit first - Take the initiative
You have the element of surprise. Most attackers won't expect you to hit first. Use it! Hit first. Take initiative. If you are the one getting hit, then you are at the wrong end. By making the first move you have the opportunity to stun your attacker and short window to get out of there quickly. Use that to your advantage.

2. Take him to the ground
Close the distance. Use your weight. Lock his joints and get him on the ground. Once you're on top you have the advantage. This is especially effective if you know any Brazilian jiu-jitsu or submission martial arts. Most attackers do not know how to properly defend themselves on the ground.

1. Keep your hands up
This is something boxing coaches remind their fighters. Keep them hands up! Protect yourself. Your head is one of the most vulnerable points on your body. Keep them hands up so you'll last longer in the fight. Evade the punches when you can.

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