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Monday, August 5, 2013

Silat Al-Haq

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Silat Al-Haq
Silat Al-Haq

In Singapore, there are 23 affiliates and 34 Silat clubs that are active. Al-Haq is one of perguruans pencak silat in Singapore.

Origin Club pencak silat Al-Haq. 

Al-Haq is a compound movement in the era of 10 students, founded in Singapore in 1971 by Mr. Husni Bin Ahmad  following instruction acquired from several different masters Malaysian and Indonesian styles. In 1972, the club has more than 200 students and is one of the most famous Asian schools. In 1985, following the creation of the International Pencak Silat Federation (Persilat) and the first official World Championship, Mr. Hosni became the first coach of the national team of Singapore until 1995.

Husni Bin Ahmad Grand Master Al-Haq

Grand Master Hj Hosni Bin Ahmad practice martial arts since his young age. Master Haji Hosni late father, Daeng Ahmad Bin Daeng Rappon was born in Makkasar Sulewesi. It was said that his grand father, Daeng Rappon was one of the most respectful Spiritual Guru in Makassar Sulawesi.

Hosni Ahmad in Silat Gayong

Apart from heritance nature from his great grand father, he was also the right hand man of Dato’ Meor A.Rahman Of Silat Gayong.

Master Hosni started his own school of silat named HARIMAU (TIGER) in 1974, inspired by the movements of tiger. His students consists of his own family, his son Abdul Fakir bin Hosni, his nephews Isnin bin Amat, Kassim bin Amat and few other close friends. By 1975 Harimau became famous in Singapore and in Malaysia and was recognized by the Malaysian Martial Arts Federation.

Being someone who craves for knowledge and adventure, Master Haji Hosni did not stop there. He decided to expand and learn more of other styles and culture. In the mid of 1975, he step into Indonesia where his roots came from, his family history make it easier for him to penetrate there apart from his natural ability. He made silat Harimau known and recognized in Indonesia by the end of the year 1975. Since then, his gain knowledge from all the great masters exists in Indonesia.

Grand Master Hj Hosni enthusiasm of knowledge in martial arts, made him bring new ideas in this arena and foresee further development. Hence he started to form a silat group with a new style of arts, which he had inspired from all his masters in Indonesia called AL-HAQ which means –“The Truth”. This new form of martial art is focusing more on spiritual exercise. It started with 20 students and he uses his own house as the training ground! It took him only 2 years to motivate the believers. By then, the group has already expanded to 200 students of different ages and races.

Al-HAQ then was registered with the Singapore Silat Federation (PERSISI) when it was first formed in 1976. In 1978 ALHAQ was recognized as the 1st silat group registered with the Singapore Martial Arts Control Unit (MACU), as “ULTRA SPIRITUAL EXERCISE CLUB”. Master Haji Hosni then got involved with the development of the Federation and had most of his students to compete in the competition organized by PERSISI. Having most of his students won the championship at each of the national tournaments, PERSISI then invited Master Haji Hosni to coach the Singapore National team. Master Haji Hosni was the Singapore Coach for the Silat National Team from 1985 to 1995.

Video : Silat Al-Haq

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  1. I am a student of Silat. However we must always remember that Silat Al-Haq is not for fighting. You train to kill but you do not kill. In Silat Al-Haq you are not allowed to punch or kick your opponent except in training. Such is the emphasis of patience in Silat Al-Haq. Have patience. Peace and love for all.


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