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Friday, October 11, 2013

Keris Blacksmith

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The keris is synonymous with the Malay culture and way of life. The double-edged dagger is unique because it is only found within the Malay Archipelago. The keris is a dagger unique to Southern Thailand (Patani), Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Philippines (Mindanao), and supposedly in the Cham areas of Cambodia.At its best, the keris represents the highest level of Malay creativity. A long time ago, it is used to complete the Malay attire. Walking around without the keris for a Malay men then was akin to walking around naked. Training in the use of the keris – both for combat and ceremony, was handed down from father to son.

making keris

A tar road just after the Royal Museum takes visitors to Kg Padang Changkat, Bt Chandan where Malay blacksmiths skilled in the making of keris and golok (machete) and craftsmen apt at crafting traditional embroideries are found.

Abdul Mazin Abdul Jamil , Perak , Kuala Kangsar was a fourth generation in making a keris for Sultan Perak and for the palace. He has been making keris and golok since he was 12 years old. It is an art he learned from his father Allahyarham Abdul Jamil Pandak Lam Pandak Yunus.

He said for first stage he was learn how to indentified types of iron that suitable for making a keris . “Most basic knowledge in making a keris is we must be clever to identified what type of iron that suitable in making a keris.” said Pak Mazin .Pak Mazin also said , with tecnology nowadays it help Pak Mazin to make a keris quick . But when to make a sarong and hulu keris he will do with traditional ways . Because to make sarong and hulu keris it need accuracy and high concentration.

An assortment of keris and golok are available for  sale. They are priced between RM1,000 to RM5,000, depending on the designs. Mazin makes replicas of the Keris Taming Sari too.

For more information and reservations, can visit the website : kerismalaysia

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