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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vital Points Strikes in Martial Art

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A vital point is a pressure sensitive point on or near the surface of the human body. Vital points function like gateways to the nervous system, the main controller of the body, allowing you to use pain to influence the actions and reactions of an opponent. Even a single strike can cause serious damage, unconsciousness or, in rare cases, death.

The vital points of the body are listed below. A vital point is a part of the body that, when attacked in the right way (force, angle, accuracy), can cause paralysis, unconsciousness or even death. Attacks to nerves can lead to nausea, headaches or worse.

The impact on vital points is indicated by numbers as followed:

1 - Moderate pain
2 - Sharp pain
3 - Severe pain
4 - Unconsciousness or temporary paralysis
5 - Fatal

So, if you are aware of the results of attacking vital points on your opponent's arms and legs, it is possible to have a relatively clear shot at those targets. Once you have successfully struck these points, it will be too late for your opponent to adequately defend against further attacks to vital points. The normally harder to access points may now be seen as targets of opportunity and readily attacked.

A sound knowledge of the vital points located on the body's extremities can prove to be a valuable asset in any self-defense situation. This understanding offers you the door to enter should you wish to attack points on the head, neck, chest, or back, providing an equalizer for the serious student of self-defense.

Video Vital Points Strikes

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