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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Win A Silat Olahrga Match

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It is not easy to be a silat champion. You need to train harder and sacrifice many things to achieve the champion status. Many peoples thought that this sport requires a fighter with 'born to be a fighter' quality in order to win a silat match. In one point it is true. However, it is not always right. This is because silat olahraga is a point-based system sport that not only requires you to be good a fighter, but also requires you master the fighting tactics during the match.

Many so-called 'born to be a fighter' exponents fail in early silat competition due to the stupidity to read a game. They tend to use all the self defense moves and skills to show how good they are in silat. But, the true is, silat olahraga is a very simple sport. You only need to master three simple techniques to win a game. There are; punching, kicking and topple down.

Here are the explanations of each of the technique in silat olahraga;

1. The punching technique. The most dangerous technique in silat is straight-punch. The jury will reward you one point for every successful hit to your opponent. In addition, you need to be good at other skill such as blocking technique in order to gain more points in silat match. However, if you block the opponent strike and followed with a successful punch, the jury will reward you 'one plus one point' or two points.

Based on these issues, it is important for you to train the blocking technique in order to gain more points using the punching technique. Scientific research shows that the number of successful hit using the punching technique is more than the kicking technique. Thus, by combining both techniques, you will have advantage to win a silat olahraga match.

2. The kicking technique. Even thought, the scientific research shows that the percentage of successful punching technique is higher than kicking technique, the point scores for every successful kick is two points. Thus, the combination of successful blocking and kicking technique will reward you 'one plus two point' or three points. This is critical if you only rely on kicking technique. You need to combine both of the defensive and attacking techniques to win a silat game.

3. Topple down technique. The jury loves this technique. When a silat fight between two silat exponents is even, topple down technique can influence the result of the fight. The secret is to train this technique at least 100 times a day with your partner. You also need to record and improve this technique until it is perfect.

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