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Friday, August 12, 2016

Jurus Tunggal (Single) in Championship Pencak Silat - Artistic (Seni) Category

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Championship Pencak Silat - Artistic (Seni) Category

Jurus Tunggal (Single Jurus)

Pencak Silat competition category in which a Pesilat (one contestant) performs Jurus Baku Tunggal (single jurus) skill in a proper, accurate and stable manner with soulfulness, bare-handedly and armed.

Championship Rules for Tunggal category


Evaluate performance based on techniques/strength/aggression/expressiveness


Performed by one Pesilat that performs his skill in Jurus Tunggal Baku (Single Compulsary movement)
Perform accurately and firmly, complete soulfully with empty hands and with weapons according to rules & regulations

1. Competition Equipment

1.1 Attire:

  • A standard Pencak Silat attire of any color and plain (The top and bottom pieces may be of the same or different color)
  • A headband (a veil not covering face, is not consider as a headband) and ‘kain samping’ of plain color or patterned
  • The color choice and combination are entirely at the discretion of the Contestant
  • It is allowed to have the badge of the contestant’s main association on the left chest and PERSILAT badge on the right chest
  • The national flag on the left arm and the name of the country at the upper back of the attire

1.2 Weapon

For Pre-Teen and Pre-Junior,

  • golok or parang is made of metal or wood, non-sharp pointed with length between 20 cm up to 30 cm. With the width of between 2 cm to 3.5 cm
  •  ‘Tongkat’ (rod), made of rattan with the length of between 100-150 cm and diameter of between 1.5-2.5 cm

For Junior, Senior and Master,

  •  golok or parang is made of metal or wood, non- sharp pointed with length between 30 cm up to 40 cm. With a width of between 2.5 cm to 4 cm

‘Tongkat’ (rod), made of rattan with the length of between 150-180 cm

2. Competition Stages

2.1  When a competition is participated by more than 7 (seven) contestants, a pool system will be implemented.

2.2  Three Contestants with the highest scores from each pool will compete again in the next round. unless the following round is the final.

The participants of the final round will be the best 3 (three)—in terms of gaining scores— from the previous competition pool stages.

2.3  The number of pool is decided in a meeting attended by International Technical Delegates, Competition Chairman and Council of Jury. The decision will be announced to the participants at the Technical Meeting.

2.4  The pool division for contestants are determined by drawing of lots during the Technical Meeting. Voting method, i.e either manually or digitally will be decided through voting at the Technical Meeting

2.5  Each category should be participated by minimum 2 (two) participants and directly goes to final round.

3.   Duration of Competition
The performance duration is 3 (three) minutes.

4.  Competition Procedure

4.1   The beginning of competition:
a. Juries reporting for duty to the Competition Chairman from the right side of the Competition Chairman
b. Show respect and readiness to perform duty
c. Taking the allocated seats.

4.2   The weapons that were certified by the Competition Chairman will be placed at the weapon quarantine station as prepared by the organizing committee.

Pesilat/coach will be allowed to collect the weapons just before he/she enter the arena (immediately after his/her name was announced)

4.3   Pesilat
a. Entering the arena from the left side of the Competition Chairman
b. Walk towards the centre of arena.
c. Pesilat is to place the weapon on the weapon stand (no assistance from coach)
d. Show respect to the Competition Chairman and turning back to show respect to the Juries. 

4.4   Competition Chairman will signal the Juries, time keeper and other Competition
official to alert them that duty is about to begin.

4.5  The showcase
a. Showcase the Opening PERSILAT greeting
b. The gong will be strike to mark the beginning of performance time Contestant to begin the showcase
c. Bare hand movement
d. With the Long knife / Golok
e. With the long stick / Toya (rod)
f. The gong will be strike to mark the end of performing time.

4.6   At the end of the performance
a. Contestant to show respect to the Juries and Competition Chairman from the centre of the arena
b. To leave the arena by the left side of the Competition Chairman

4.7   Time Keeping
a. The competition chairman will make sure/take charge of the showcase time.
b. The time keeper will keep track of the 3 minutes showcase.
c. Competition Chairman will announce the actual showcase time. (Should the
digital scoring is in used, the time tracking will be as displayed on the screen) 

5.   Competition Rule

5.1  Rules of the game

5.1.1  Contestant showcase the Jurus Tunggal Baku (Single Compulsory Movement) in three (3) minutes, begin with bare hand followed with weapon movement follow with long knife (golok) followed by the long stick (toya). 

A tolerance period of +/-10 seconds is allowed for Pre-teen and Pre-Junior catagories while +/-5 seconds for the Junior, Senior and Masters catagories

Should the tolerance period go beyond the limit, penalty will be imposed accordingly.

5.1.2   Jurus Tunggal Baku is showcase according to the sequential movement, such
as the movement sequence, precise techniques of with and without weapon,
rhythmic movement, firmness and expression

5.1.3   If the contestant failed to continue his/her performance due to whatever reason,
the Competition Chairman will declare he / she as being disqualified.

5.1.4   Uttering of voice is allowed

5.2   Penalties

5.2.1   Deduction of points will be imposed as such:
A. Mistake in movement sequence and techniques.
a.1 Deduction of one (1) point each time
i. mistake in movement sequence details
ii. Mistake in movement techniques
iii. Any missing movement (not done)
iv. Should a Pesilat lost grip of the weapon, as long as it does not touches the ground, a total of 1 point penalty for each wrong and/or additional movement incurred.

B. Time factor
b.1. beyond the tolerance period.
b.1.1 ten (10) to fifteen (15) seconds – deduction of 10 points for Pre-teen and PreJunior catogaries and five (5) to ten (10) seconds for Junior, senior and masters catogaries.

Should the showcase go beyond these tolenrance period the showcase will be stopped and declared disqualified.

C. Other factors
c.1 Exceed the arena limit (10m x 10m) –Deduction of 5 points
c.2. Drop of Weapon – Deduction of 5 points
c.3 Attire is not according to prescription – Deduction of 5 points (eg. Extra accessories, head gear or samping fall off)
c.4 Weapon came out loose from the handle or breaking of the long stick  Showcase will be stopped and declaired disqualified.

5.3  Other Decisions

5.3.1   The Referee Jury Council has the right to request for amendments of the penalties (impose penalty or withdraw penalty) following 3 or more Jury views and decision. Penalty imposed will be denied if it is only be given by 2 or 1 Jury.

5.3.2   When competition is unable to continue due to:
i. Juries failed to function (fall sick / injured / unconscious)
ii. Non-Technical factors (Electrical breakdown / disturbance / etc)
iii. External factors (something that is beyond human control, natural disaster etc)

Competition chairman will stop the competition with following guidelines:

  • contestant involve (unless the last contestant) will be allowed to showcase the performance again right from the beginning (at whichever round he is contesting) with the same Juries, right after the last contestant completing his/her showcase.
  • If it is during the last contestant showcase, contestant will be allowed to  eshowcase his performance from the beginning, at the latest 10 minutes after the technical problem is solved.
  • The Jury that could not carry out duty is to be replaced.

5.3.3   Competition could not proceed due to any accident caused by the contestant (collision with Juries / Jury was hurt due to weapon flung to them, etc) Contestant will be disqualified. Competition Chairman will replace the injured Jury (after consultation with Technical delegate) and competition will resume with the next contestant.

5.4   Walk-over

Participation will be declared as Walk-over should contestant failed to report to
Competition’s Secretary after being call for the 3rd time.

The interval between the call outs will be at thirty (30) seconds each.

5.5   Disqualification

a. Points given to contestant will be withdrawn should it was realized (at the
end of the showcase) that the contestant failed to showcase the whole package or had perform the package sequence not in proper order.

b. Putting on a totally non-proper attire (not as stipulated) or using a wrong weapon (eg. Tombak instead of toya)

c. Pesilat is unable to continue the showcase due to his own fault

d. Matters that are stated at point 5.1.3, 5.2.1 (b1.1), 5.2.c4 dan 5.3.3

e. Pesilat is unable to show the letter of medical checkup before starting the first match (regardless of category) of the competition.

6.   Scoring

6.1. Scoring consists of:
6.1.1. Accuracy score includes the following elements:
a. The accuracy of movement in each Jurus
b. The accuracy of movement sequence
c. The accuracy of jurus sequence

Score is obtained from the total number of movements in Jurus Tunggal (100 movements) deducted by the penalty points.

6.1.2. Firmness scores include the following elements:
a. The firmness of movements
b. The firmness of movement rhythm
c. The firmness of movement soulfulness
d. The firmness of power and stamina
Score ranges from 50 to 60 points which is the accumulated score of the four firmness elements.

7.   Decision and announcement of the winner

7.1. The winner is the contestant who gains the highest score for his/her performance from 3 (three) our of 5 (five) jurors with elimination of the highest and the lowest score.

7.2. If the scores are equal, the winner will be determine accordingly:

i) The contestant who gains the total highest Technique points from the 3 (three) jurors as decided in para 7.1.

ii) The contestant who gains the highest points in firmness, soulfulness and stamina from 3 (three) jurors as decided in para 7.1.

iii) The contestant whose duration of performance is the closest to precise time of 3 (three) minutes. 

iv) The winner is the contestant who gains the least penalty points.

v) If the result remains the same, the Competition Chairman will do a toss coin on to the matress witnessed by Technical Delegate, Council of Juror and Team Managers of respective Contestant.

7.3. The score of each contestant is announced after the Jury has finished their
task in giving score to all contestants of every Jurus Tunggal (Single) category.
Total obtained scores will be shown in scoring board while announced by
Competition Chairman except when using digital scoring board where the scores from each Jury and total scores are displayed in the screen instantly.

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