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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bunga Silat Application in Martial Arts

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When dealing with "bunga silat" or caprice invoke all sorts of things in the human mind. All kinds of argument and debate was cast in the forums and web pages about the beauty and the role of "bunga" in self-defense martial arts. Various visual and practical elements of martial arts based on the understanding of the flow respectively.

But is it true that a debate that has "bunga" in martial arts mean? Here I will reveals little about the secrets and the true meaning of "bunga" in the Malay martial art silat! Before it was more worthwhile to look back at the fact that his own martial arts lessons.

Silat Curriculum Malay / Malaysia it comes to educational content in the curriculum of the Malay Silat tradition of two cases of "bunga" and "Tapak Empat. " Two things resulted in the seven titles at every stage of "bunga",  Jurus, Belebat, Tapak, Buah, Tempur Seni (Combat) dan Tempur Bela diri (Combat self-defense martial arts)

In silat, the Malay martial arts movement is the key to the "bunga" or "bunga silat" in which collected all the motion, method, manner and form of Malay Silat.

Therefore, every pesilat must be over all steps, the "kuda-kuda" and understand the functions and concepts to develop a method of martial arts.

"bunga" means the basic, basic or beginning of signs of life. The traditional Malay martial arts practitioner, "bunga Silat" is considered as a key to see the perfection of a martial arts teacher flow.

Tidiness and beauty of "bunga silat" must contain the symbol and meaning of martial arts as a method of martial arts. Therefore, the warriors prefer performing "bunga silat" of view the presentation at the combat.

"Bunga Silat" performances require durability and extensive experience in the science of martial arts to see the rules, meaning and symbolism behind "Bunga Silat" movement. While the performances were at the performance skills that are easily understood.

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