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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Parts of Kris

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Kris is divided into three parts, eyes, upper and sarong. Dagger eyes made of several layers of different types of steel and has a number of specific luknya or just straight. These characteristics that distinguish him among the dagger-dagger, and have names such as Majapahit keris, kingfisher, Bugis, Javanese, Madurese and others.

Dagger(kris) eye shape of the eye is divided into two straight keris (dagger Sundang). This dagger is more earlier work as a weapon to kill the sentenced offenders. Typically, eye-lok berlok keris being used by the ancients (the swordsman) as a personal weapon. Lok-lok dagger has an odd number of kris berlok three, five and seven are called the keris sepukal. Keris berlok nine and fifteen were called dagger story. While dagger berlok nor more than nineteen or keris is a dagger chain remona. However, a function of both the present as a dagger and the royal insignia.

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