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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kris (Keris)

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Keris (kris) is a weapon used in the short-Malay nationalism since more than 600 years ago. It is used to defend itself and as a means of imperial greatness. Keris is always associated with the supernatural and extraordinary privileges which supposedly kills by stabbing enemies on foot containers.

      Sang Guna was the first person during the times of Sultan Muhammad Shah of Malacca has been forging a long dagger, three-inch size. Metals iron and wax mixture is the main star was a dagger.

     Looking from the perspective of history, has existed since the dagger is considered 650 years ago. The researchers mainly from the Western Orientalists, such as GC Woollsy, Stamford Raffles, Griffith Williams to produce a lot of theories and opinions about their studies and most of them agree that the dagger was in existence before the 14th century. Sir Stamford Raffles claimed the statues in the Temple Quarter in Java shows a dagger was made by man, circa 1361 to 1362. However, this argument is opposed by Crawford in his opinion that it is the image icons swords and spears. He also holds a dagger had been introduced by Inarkato Pati, Raji in Janggolo in the 14th century.
Dr. Van Stein Callenfels also proposed a theory about the existence of a dagger in the 7th century through the creation of Majapahit keris. Theories and opinions expressed by the researchers on the history of the keris is not uniform. This has been evidenced by Griffith Williams also expressed the short arms was created in the 14th century and the 15th century.

     Wooley also said that the keris was created at the time of Majapahit, and is the spread of these weapons created by other people who are under Majapahit. The fall of the Majapahit Empire cause people to roam and explore other areas in the Nusantara archipelago to bring the traditional dagger then modified to suit local. Although many theories about the origin produced a general Malay weapon, but not to answer the question of when and where the history of the keris from the plan until now.
History of the Malay world's best weapon is also inseparable from the stories of magic, dagger has demonstrated the power of heroism, supremacy, and an amazing miracle. First, a dagger as a personal weapon as a determinant of power and the nature of the 'users'. Works of art etched on the arms also displays the contents, the contents of a mystical story, legends, and myths of their own. The story of the mystic dagger that is described as a dagger can fly or find themselves construed find new applicants. The story of the hidden dagger from the sheath is conceptualized as a thirst for human blood. Leaning dagger story belongs Kiai (Majapahit) is said to be 'batty' intended to kill opponents and friends without the keris owner. Keris first named to the Hang Tuah, the said twenty-one made of iron species from different places. The story is supposedly a dagger Malay warrior, able to kill the victim when the eye is a dagger stabbed in the foot container left by the victims on the sand, and can poison fish in the estuary if the dagger was washed at the river mouth by the master.

     High art can be seen in the variety of points a dagger straight and berluk, carvings and ornaments on the upper reaches of creative and holster. There eyes are shaped like a dagger of flames, and gloves as well as the hilt of a shape and shows a harmonious rekacorak carvings, sculpture and sculpture in the rich quality. Each work of art requires high artistic craftsmanship and expertise in depth. Among kris-kris dagger on display is the Peninsula and Kris kingfisher.

     The weapons on display is the daily use of weapons of Malaysian society. Among them are the coconut and areca nut hook knife, blade shape, nipple parang, parang tapeh, sugarcane machete, machetes slaughtered cattle, cut the crackers machete, knife and tapping SOCIAL gambier leaves.

      Straight wooden spear measuring 6 feet long and fitted with a spear points like a knife in one base. These included the spearhead in the wood and reinforced with a bonding metal rod or hoop. Javelin is found in Malaysia mostly sharp-edged, made of wood or bamboo. Metal-edged spear that was originally made of either copper or bronze, and later replaced by iron or steel, have been used in Malaysia since centuries ago. Now the spear is used only for official functions and ceremonial royal only.

Java Kris


 Majapahit Kris

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