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Monday, January 17, 2011

Combat Silat: Empty-Handed Counter-Attack

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In "Empty-Handed Counter-Attack", there are several different ways, called "masuk". They include: feet, hand, knee, elbow, and kick methods. Through the implementation of these entries, a pesilat has the ability to not only "find" their current location in relationship to the attack and the adversary, but also through the study of the rest of the system components they can use this Combat Positioning System as a method to more easily find the "destination" or the end the conflict.

Often the term "Masuk" is used to differentiate between the specific application of a movement to "bridge the gap" or "enter" into an opponents space versus the general use of a movement without application. To clarify, the term "Masuk Kaki" refers to the act of entering the opponent's space by the use of a step. A step or stepping pattern is often referred to as Langkah. For sure, the steps involved in the "Masuk Kaki" could be considered Langkah. However, these steps are specific and purposefully created to be used as methods of entry into an opponents space and are thereby given the title of "Masuk Kaki". For example, when the opponent to kick your right foot from the right to left. we can do "masuk" with his left foot kick.

In "Empty-Handed Counter-Attack", move Points pesilat is one of science to be learned and practiced. This knowledge is an advantage to us to launch an offensive move quickly before the opponent moves to attack!

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